Good Girl Rewards

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Good Girl Rewards Program

We love our customers here at Good Girl xox and strive hard to be your number one place for all your deviant exploration needs by providing quality products at affordable prices and offering customer service that puts you first. We want you as part of our family, so to get the most out of having an account with us, we have decided to launch Good Girl Rewards with a currency we call Lashes (Ⱡ).

How it works:

Our customers earn Lashes (through purchases, newsletter signups and social media actions) which can then be cashed in for discount vouchers at out checkout. 
Action Lashes (Ⱡ) Earned
Purchases Ⱡ1  per $1 spent (USD)
Newsletter signup 150 
Like us on Facebook 25 
Celebrate your birthday! 150
Voucher Value Cost
$5 off order 100 
$10 off order 175 
$15 off order 250